Down The Road (Trucker Tribute)

This other life that beckons us let’s us ride free. It lets us take a part of ourselves to better the world, better our craft. It’s an inner struggle – remembering smiles of those you love under starry skies, longing to be back with them, and knowing what you’re doing is making a difference in the world.

Just as the road leads you away, though, it brings you back to the things that matter. The same things that got you from city lights to mountaintops and a thousand miles back again.

To all drivers I share the road with thank you for helping the world move along by keeping our shelves stocked, our tanks full and our businesses running. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Much respect for the dedication and commitment that each one of you show when you turn the key to start your day. You are truly the backbone of America.

My song “Down the Road” is dedicated every year to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and it was written about drivers and the life they lead as they move their load “Down The Road”; One mile down and a thousand more to go.

I feel a sense of connection with drivers who share the road with me during my travels and wanted to capture the sense of loneliness along with the feeling of adventure that a life on the road provides.

Download my track “Down The Road” here.

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It’s my latest album and an intimate reflection of the body of music I’ve created with my band and acoustically over the past 10 years with live takes, writing demos and many new songs including ‘Is This The Plan’ which conveys my small town roots to past struggles only to find true meaning through the power of song. Truly hope you enjoy what I put together.

Safe Travels,

Rob Anthony




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