Making Of Where We Are

As a songwriter sometimes a song creeps up on you from out of nowhere from the most honest of places hidden within. It can infect you for hours, days, even months until you find the right words and music to a story you want to share.

From the initial strums of an acoustic guitar while rambling some wine induced thoughts into an iPhone recorder one cold winters night in Northern Wisconsin to the full studio production sessions with the band it was quite the musical journey recording Where We Are.

With help from everyone involved, their reflections and contributions, enjoy this commentary video on how it all went down from start to finish.

A spiritual moment when energies connect on a musical level, it’s unlike any other experience. I’ve spent a lifetime evolving musically and spiritually, being criticized, being praised. It’s made me weak, it’s made me strong. Here’s to coming to terms with it all, the past, the now and living for the future. Write from the heart, sing from the soul, don’t ever let go…

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