Last Night Got Spiritual

StudioMost of you know I play solo. I tour solo. The majority of my shows in my career have been solo.

Before last night, since the release of my solo acoustic album ‘While The World Sleeps’ 5 years ago, after a severe throat injury and my year long struggle through vocal therapy, I haven’t played my songs with a band. Nearly 1200 consecutive shows on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I love performing solo. I love vibing off the crowd and sharing my songs in an intimate way. I can get more personal with the audience when it’s just me and them.

But last night I remembered why I got into music in the first place. Why I toured with my band. Why I jump at the chance to collaborate with other musicians.

Last night I had the first studio session with the band playing on my new songs in the studio.

It got spiritual.

When energies connect on a musical level it’s unlike any other experience.

In a short while I’ll be releasing these new songs to the world.

In a short while I will share what I’ve been working on so hard to create.

In a short while I will, once again, remember why I do what I do.

In a short while you will see me happy.

One love,


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